Machine-building factory

Machine-building factory ICK Group is the manufacturer of the equipment, spare parts and control systems for complete lines producing the granulated products (mixed feed, grass meal, bran, dry pulp, biofuel, fertilizers, etc.) under the trade mark GRANTECH.

Production GRANTECH™  is successfully used in the CIS’ countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan), the countries of the Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the Near East (Georgia, Jordan).

The permanent improvement of the processes, which provide the manufacture of the high-quality production and guarantee the satisfaction and the confidence of the consumers in the purchased equipment, is the priority development direction.

The production facilities ICK Group include the mechanical treatment department, the assembly shop, the heat treatment room, the drilling room and the electrical mounting department.

The mechanical assembly production provides for the use of advanced technologies and allows to mechanically process the components, devices and machinery of different types and sizes by means of lathing, vertical turning, boring, milling, hobbing and drilling (including deep feed drilling). The maximum diameter of parts that can be lathed is 1200 mm, the maximum length – 2.5 m. The production line is complete with high-precision measuring instruments and devices for parts’ control during the technological process.

The following machine tools are used for the mechanical treatment of small- and large-sized mechanical components:

• Vertical boring mills that can process parts that are up to 2000 mm thick.
• Surface grinding machines.
• Circular grinding machines.
• Boring machines.
• Programmable lathe machines.
• Universal lathe machines.
• Vertical, horizontal milling machines and omnimil versatile machines.
• Gear-hobbing machines.
• The metal cutting equipment that allows for cutting of metal sheets of up to 20 mm of thickness with guillotine shears and of up to 30 mm of thickness with laser cutting equipment.
• Semiautomatic welding machines for gas-shielded welding and argon welding.
• Drilling automatic and semi-automatic multispindle machines for deephole (from 2 to 14 mm of diameter in arrays) machining in dies.
• A vacuum furnace for thermal processing of corrosion-resistant steel parts.

In January, 2009 the Quality Management System was introduced by our specialists, and in May the enterprise successfully passed certified audit.

As a result of the done work the certificate was received, which confirmed the correspondence of the quality management system that meets requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2009. Presence of the certificate provides not only the improvement of the company’s  reputation in branch, but also opens the door for receiving of orders from municipal and state budgets, and also for the world market.