Efficient pelletizing solution from ICK Group for the oil and fat factory

GT-520Specialists of ICK Group held talks with the oil and fat factory to improve the plant for the processing of sunflower and soybean meal, namely the installation and putting into operation the pelletizing line with a capacity of 10 t pellets/h.

The specialists of ICK Group agreed with the client’s design organization the layout solution for the technical re-equipment of the meal elevator building and the matching of the main equipment. Also, the specialists of ICK Group selected the necessary basic and auxiliary process equipment. The line for meal pelletizing is designed on the basis of GT-520 pellet mill, taking into account all the needs of the customer, which will include the following possibilities of production automation:

– the ability to start and operate the line in the setup mode and automatic mode;

– automation of the pelletizing process with minimization of production personnel;

– the opportunity to provide setting the working parameters and to obtain information on the line operation through the monitor.

At this stage, the equipment for the pelletizing line is at the final stage of production, after which the line will be delivered to the customer.