An effective solution from the ICK Group for the implementation of pelletzing technology for the elevator complex for storage and processing of oilseeds

The specialists of ICK Group signed  a conract with the management of the elevator complex for supply,installation and putting into operation  of 2 production lines for oil-bearing crops (sunflower husks, sunflower and soya meal) pelletizing.  The productivity of the pelletizing line for sunflower husks is up to 1,5 t/h and for  meal pelletizing – up to 7 t/h.

Taking into account the needs of the client, the ICK Group’s specialists have proposed the technology for oil-bearing crops wastes pelletizing, namely, sunflower husks and meal, developed and agreed with the client the layout scheme with placement and linking of the main equipment according to the building (vertical process diagram with floor-by-floor equipment location).

Both pelletizing lines are designedon the basis of GT-520D pellet mill with taking into account all the needs of the client, and will include the following functions: – automation of the process control of 2 lines with the same control room (minimization of the staff operation);

– possibility to start and operate the lines in the adgusting and automatoc modes;

– provision of the packing line for shipment of the fuel pellets in Euro-trucks;

– application of the vertical processing scheme and minimization of the transporting elements quantity. This solution will allow the customer:

– to increase the bulk density due to which to reduce the transportation costs;

– reduce the storage volume of the finished products;

– increase the shelf life of the finished products;

– to ensure the smooth operation of the processing complex during 24 hours / day;

– to receive in addition two highly liquid products – biofuel pellets and pelletized meal and increase revenues from their sale.

At this step the equipment for pelletizing lines is at the production stage, after which the lines will be delivered to the customer and supervision and commissioning works will be performed.