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The Design department of ICK Group carries out a complex of works on provision of the necessary package of the documents with consideration for the normative document and personal wishes of the customer. Experts of the department develop the design documentation for manufacture of the plants for pelletized biofuel production, analyze the state of equipment for reconstruction, automation and modernization of the sugar factories, provide the report on reconstruction and restoration of working capacity of the equipment.

The design documentation developed by the design department of our company includes:

All works are carried out by the group of the progressive experts who, being based on the of experience and modern innovative technologies, are touching the following matters:

• statement of the reasons for location of the process equipment both on a certain site and in certain region depending on the initial parameters;

• designing of the flexible process plants, i.e. the possibility of expansion and modernization without change of the technological process with the minimum expenses is considered;

• selection of the process equipment with optimum parameters proceeding from the specific target (productivity, consumption of energy carriers etc.);

• working out of recommendations concerning the process equipment selection (both domestic and foreign), considering all terms (reliability, cost, guarantee certificates, etc.);

• optimum placing of the process equipment according to the public services requirements;

• preparation of the complete set of the design documentation for the further coordination in the state organizations;

• supervision during the equipment mounting, its adjusting and putting into operation;

• complex carrying out of examination of the available equipment and preparation of the recommendations on its further operation or replacement;

• carrying out of examination of the process equipment of the sugar factories and the preparation of the recommendations concerning final products quality improvement, prime cost decrease due to reduction of energy consumption and improvement of the technological process;

• working out of the design documentation on improvement of the technological process for the sugar production.