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Depending on the size of existing premises where the equipment is intended to be housed, the processing line can be arranged vertically (with the equipment placed on several floors) or horizontally, when all the equipment is placed on the same level. Nevertheless, even when the equipment is arranged horizontally, some elements can stand as high as 6-7 meters.

In deciding on a particular arrangement plan (horizontal or vertical) of the new production equipment, it is necessary to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of a respective plan.
The vertical arrangement of equipment requires less production floor space, fewer equipment units that are necessary for the transportation of raw materials, the shorter transportation path for raw materials and for the finished product; it provides for the reduction in “dead space” where the raw material can remain for too long and, therefore, get spoilt. Nevertheless, the conditions for assembling and demounting of the equipment are more awkward with this arrangement plan; furthermore, it costs more to build the housing premises for the equipment arranged in this way.
Accordingly, it is easier to assemble, to service and to manage the equipment arranged horizontally, but this plan requires more transportation facilities, more floor space and, accordingly, a bigger land plot for construction.
In the absence of an appropriate process building the same should be designed according to the one of the above-mentioned options (considering all their possible advantages and disadvantages).
Examples of vertical and horizontal arrangements
The technological equipment for the production of pelletized dry distilled dregs (DDGS ) at distillery  Kit Co Ltd in Shymkent, Kazakhstan republic, is arranged according to a vertical plan (the ICK Group project).
Пример вертикальной компановки технологической линии для гранулирования сухой барды

A horizontal arrangement plan of the technological equipment for the production of dry pelletized DDGS distilled dregs.

Горизонтальная компановка технологической линии гранулирования спиртовой барды