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TARGET – growth of productivity and processability of the sugar beet with the aim to increase the sugar extraction coefficient.

Complex analytical study of the technological properties of the raw material during the sugar beet growth and before its harvesting:

• determination of the chemical composition of the sugar beet: content of K, Na, α-amine nitrogen, invert sugar, ash, sugar beet juice purity, mark;

• determination of the biological and technical ripeness of the sugar beet roots, their affection with deceases and pests;

• serving out the sugar beet growers with the objective information for assuming the urgent measures for sugar beet processability improvement.

Chemical and phytopathological inspection of the sugar beet fields before harvesting, optimization of sugar beet harvesting:

• inspection of the sugar beet fields: infestation, thickness of sowing, plants development, their affection with deceases and pests;

• determination of the expected sugar beet yield and sugar content;

• determination of the optimum time and sequence of the sugar beet harvesting;

• sugar beet evaluation as to its ripeness in order to select the sowing relation between early, mild-season and late varieties and hybrids;

• adjustment of the sugar beet transportation schedule from the fields taking into account its condition;

• development of the recommendations for the sugar beet storage in piles on the fields.

Organization of the sugar beet reception at the sugar factory:

•evaluation of the sugar beet as to its technological condition for processing: turgor state, biological and technical ripeness, affection with deceases and pests;

• predictable sugar yield and sugar content in molasses;

• estimation of the sugar beet varieties and hybrids as to their further sowing in the specific region.

Advantages  of the high technological quality sugar beet processing:
Improvement of the sugar beet processability insures the reduction of sugar beet and sugar losses at its storage and during its processing, better sugar quality and growth of the sugar production without increase of the growing areas, sugar beet yield and harvested sugar beet.