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Brewer’s spent grains processing

Технологическая схема переработки пивной дробины


Brewer’s spent grains with humidity of 80% from production come into storage bin, 1 from where they come into mechanical filter-press 2, wrung out to humidity of 67-69%. From the filter-press, wrung spent grains come into steam disc dryer 3. 


Brewer’s yeast is added to wrung spent grains as per proportion of 10% of spent grains weight. Overheated steam is a drying agent that is provided from the plant boiler. With the help of the vent 5, dried up to humidity 8-10% grains come from dryer into cyclone with rotary valve 4, where the grains are separated from air. Further the grains come into storage bin 7. Air from cyclone 4 is cleaned additionally on cloth filter 6 and is returned into atmosphere.
The grains from the storage bin 7 come into pellet mill 8. In pellet mill 8 the grains are pressed with adding steam and water if necessary. Further, the pelletized grains come into cooler 10, where they are cooled to environment temperature. Upon cooler 10, pellets are transported to vibration separator 11, where spillage is separated. Processed air from cooler 10 with the help of a fan 13 is supplied into cyclone 12 for dust refining and then clear air is returned into atmosphere.

Dust from a cyclone 12 is returned for re-processing. Upon separator, ready pellets come into packing 15 where they are packed into soft container of big-bag type. With respect of transport infrastructure, enterprises and requirements of pellet buyers may be loaded in bulk