ICK Group > Engineering group > Technical support of repairs and of a plant’s preproduction measures

The group of key technical specialists, having long practical experience from being a director, a deputy production director, a chief technologist, a group lab manager of the leading sugar factories in Ukraine, render the following services at a high professional level.

I. Inspection and analysis of technical documentation concerned with the volume of repair works:
• the appropriateness of a repair type;
• the current’ and capital repairs costing;
maintenance crews’ staffing.
II. Coordination of repair works’ time schedule.
III. Step-by-step control of the time-frame and of the performance standards of repairs in accordance with the repairs’ time schedule:
• analysis of the progress of repair works;
• control over the main technological equipment’s preparation and acceptance;
• control over the preparation of a heat station, of an energy equipment and of the limekiln department;
• control over the preparation of the treatment facilities;
• control over the preparation of the sugar factory’s beet receiving station and of a wet pulp storage.
IV. Development and approval of the factory’s draft startup and maintenance proposal with an adjustment of technological regulations depending of the quality of the raw material.
V. Engineering supervision during the factory’s startup procedure.

If necessary, the I.C.K. Engineering repair and erection crews can do their part in performing the most complicated and critical repair works.