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Objective – the increase in the effectiveness of the sugar-beet processing

The analytical survey of the beet sugar production processes is done for the purpose of identifying the reserves of the increase in the sugar yield, of improving the quality of the sugar and of lowering the level of fuel consumption.

The company’s specialists perform the following operations at a high professional level:

• complex studies of the technological properties of sugar beet with simultaneous evaluation of its processability; the forecasting of the main factors of the plant’s operation;
• special alpha-amino nitrogen, pectins, reducing substances, lactic acid, nitrites tests; the acidity test;
• identification of undeterminable losses from the sugar decomposition during the processing of sucrose: in the extraction plant, in the juice purification house, in the evaporator plant;
• assessment of the cumulative purification efficiency (cell juice/purified juice, thick juice), evaluation of the effectiveness of the filtration station operation by indicators of turbidity, the calcium salts content, color value and the filtration coefficient;
• assessment of the evaporator station operation mode by the changes in the reducing substances content, in color, in the pH content and in the purity of the products, in calcium salts content in terms of 100% dry matter;
• assessment of the crystallization station functioning by the degree of the crystallization effect and by the normal molasses purity;
• interpretation of excessive losses of sugar in molasses;
• evaluation of the appropriateness of the set technological mode to the quality of the processed material.
While inspecting the main and auxiliary areas of a sugar factory we identify the "bottlenecks" and reserves of:
While inspecting the main and auxiliary areas of a sugar factory we identify the "bottlenecks" and reserves of:
• the efficiency of production,
• the uninterrupted and reliable work process,
• the efficient consumption of fuel and of other materials.

The end result: practical recommendations on the prompt improvement of the way of the sugar factory operation, aimed at the improved engineering-and-economical performance of the enterprise as a whole.