ICK Group – member of Ukroliyaprom Association

On April 26, 2018, the regular general meeting of the Ukroliyaprom Association participants took place in the conference hall of the Hotel “Kozatsky”, Kyiv.

One of the issues discussed at the meeting was the consideration of the application from ICK Group on joining the oil and fat industry association. The company was attended by: Yuriy Zayets, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Roman Golubnychy, Commercial Director of ICK Group.

The Commercial Director presented the company as a partner for the oil and fat industry, which develops, manufactures and implements the technology complexes and factories of GRANTECH and other turnkey partners for large and medium-sized businesses.

Over 25 years of experience, the specialists of the ICK Group have developed and implemented more than 50 pelletizing technologies for various industries. For the oil and fat industry enterprises the following technologies have been developed and implemented:

– pelletizing sunflower husk with the addition of organic wastes

– utilization of wastes and obtaining highly liquid product;

– pelletizing before extraction – increase in the efficiency of extraction;

– cake cooling  – provision of the necessary temperature of the product, the possibility of simple adjustment of the parameters of product cooling;

– meal pelletizing – obtaining highly liquid product.

The information has been provided on the opening in 2018 of the experimental section and the workshop for the repair and restoration of the performance of the spare parts to the pellet mills of any manufacturers.