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ICK Group proposes to the customers the equipment ТМ GRANTECH for pellets production. Drying complexes, counter current coolers, pellet mills, screening machines, as well as raw material grinders are the modern Ukrainian engineering developments with use of the requirements and achievements in the pelletizing process.

GTSK ТМ GRANTECH drying complexes are used at the section for raw material preparation at the production of the solid biofuel (pellets or briquettes). They are used for drying the wood sawdust, chips and other wastes from the agricultural processing (grain, rape straw etc.)

Pellet mills series D from ICK Group are the specialized equipment designed for solid biofuel production (pellets) and pelletizing difficult pelletized materials. Pellet mills productivity – from 0,5 t/h.


Counter current coolers ТМ GRANTECH are designed for pellets cooling coming from the pellet mill, and they consist of cooker body, ventilator and cyclone with the rotary valve.


Fractional Screening machine for pellets ТМ GRANTECH is designed for separation of the pellets grit into the certain fractions after the pellets crumbler, as well as for separation of the fines from the qualitative pellets.


Wood shredder ТМ GRANTECH is designed for the industrial shredding the wood residues.

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