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Drying equipment ТМ GRANTECH for drying wood residues, equipment for grain and biomass storage are used at the section for raw material preparation for production of solid biofuel (pellets or briquettes). This equipment is used for drying sawdust, wood chips and other residues of the agricultural origin (grain straw, rape straw etc.).

Aerodynamic dryer

Aerodynamic drying GTAS  complex  is continuous, stationary equipment and is used for drying the woodworking residues (sawdust, chips).

Drying complexes GTSK  in the basic completing consist of heat generator, mixing chamber, drying sectional convective plant, system for fuel preparation, aspiration system, smoke exhauster, transporting elements.

Heat generating complexes GTKT  burn the chopped energy biomass and are designed for grain drying complexes of the shaft type and are the alternative to the heat generating complexes burning natural gas or liquid fuel.

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