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GTAS Aerodynamic complex of trade mark GRANTECH – stationary continuous complex, which is used for drying of the woodworking residues (sawdust, shavings).

Aerodynamic drying complex in the basic configuration consists of:
  • aerodynamic dryer (tube dryer) (7),
  • heat generator (4),
  • fuel supply ventilator (2),
  • fuel dosing bunker (1), (3),
  • mixing chamber (5),
  • wet raw material feeder (6),
  • aspiration system (cyclone) (8),
  • smoke exhaust (9).
Aerodynamic drying plant description
Aerodynamic drying plant is the main unit of the GTAS drying complex where the drying process up to the required parameters takes place due to the direct contact of the wet material with air and solid fuel combustion products. The drying process itself passes in the vertical tube.

Principle of operation of the drying plant is based on travel of the wet material together with the drying agent flow. The drying agent with the required temperature is produced by means of mixing the furnace gases with air. Raw material is present in the dryer only some seconds. That is why this type of the dryer is reasonable to use for removing the surface moisture while drying fine-dispersed materials or the materials with low resistance to inner carrying over of the moisture. Short residence time of the raw material in the tube dryer sets the condition for relatively small moisture removal during one material passing.

Advantages and special features of the plant:
  • simplicity of construction, compactness and easiness at maintenance,
  • economy depends on raw material particles size and quantity of free moisture: the smaller raw material particle diameter, the higher efficiency of the drying plant,
  • efficiency depends on the raw material concentration per working chamber volume as well: if the concentration increases the productivity of the drying plant goes up because of increase of mass exchange per volume unit.
Principle of GTAS drying complex operation
The prepared powdery fuel goes into fuel dosing bunker (1), from which by means of fuel feed ventilator (2) and through the screw dosing device (3) it comes into the heat generator for combustion (4). Combustion products, formed during combustion of the powdery fuel in the heat generator, are mixed with the air used for the heat generator walls cooling up to the temperature 200-350°С. Then the prepared drying agent goes into the mixing chamber (5). The wet raw material through the loading hole (6) is fed into the tube dryer (7), picked up by the drying agent and moves along the tube dryer, where the material particles are in the suspended state. As the material moves, it dries, the moisture is removed by the drying agent. The separation of the solid and gas phases takes place in the cyclone (8). The used drying agent is thrown off through exhaust smoker (9) into atmosphere and the dried material goes for the next stage.  .
Productivity, kg/h
Raw material particle size, mm
– sawdust
– shavings of width
up to 1,0
Drying agent temperature at inlet, °С
Drying agent temperature at outlet, °С
Material relative moisture at inlet, %
up to 60
Material relative moisture at outlet, %
Heat generator thermal capacity, МW
Fuel supply into heat generator
Installed capacity, кW
*- Productivity is given not taking into account the return of the dried material into heat generator (about up to 15%).

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