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Bunker-turner series GTB  ТМ GRANTECH
Bunker-turner is designed for accumulation, turning (in order to avoid caking and/or chocking-up of the product) with the further raw material discharge.
BV-4,5                  –              bunker of the octahedral shape (with inclined walls), flat bottom and conical turner with two paddles. Bunker volume – 4,5 m3 .

BV-5                      –              bunker of the cylindrical shape, with flat bottom, disc turner with eight paddles. Bunker volume – 5 m3.

GTBSh-6                –              bunker of the cylindrical shape with the conical bottom, vertical screw-turner and discharge screw. Bunker volume – 6 m3.
GTBSh-14                –              twin-screw trough-shaped bunker.  Bunker volume  –  14 m3.

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