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The hopper is intended for accumulation, agitating and unloading to the conveyor different of raw materials of various types, such as damp (not more than 65%) sawdust from wood with bulk density 200-250 kg/m3.

The standard set of supply includes: side, front and back walls, cover with hatches (if necessary), movable frames (stokers), antistokers, hydraulic power unit with hydraulic cylinders for stockers operation, the brackets for the hydraulic cylinders, panel of the automatic control system for hydraulic drive.


• Hopper capacity, not less than, t/h – 10;

• Volume of loaded raw material, m3 – 15-80;

• Hopper type – open/close;

• Operation mode  – long, manual/automatic;

• Number of moving floor frames (stockers) – 1-4;

• Direction of frames movement – opposite;

• Periodicity of frames movement – simultaneously;

• Working stroke of frame in one direction, mm – 500;

• Maximum velocity of frame movement in direction of raw material discharge, mm/s  – 46,5;

• Drive – hydraulic.

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