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ICK Group is working intensive and successfully in the field of the innovative technologies for the alternative energetics, for which the natural gas substitution by the energetic biomass is remaining actual. For example, ICK Group has developed GTKT Heat generating complexes burning crushed energy biomass, that is an alternative to the gas and liquid fuel, for the shaft grain drying complexes.

GTKT Heat generating complexes are used for generating of the heat energy for grain drying complexes of Perry, Strahl, M819, M820, DSP types and others.

GTKT drying complexes allow to use the organic wastes from agriculture (straw, ear shanks, sunflower and sunflower husks, wastes from grain drying complexes etc.) as a heat agent with high performance.

The main advantages of GTKT Heat generating complexes:

• high efficiency (up to 85%);
• possibility to deliver the heat energy both from GTKT Heat generating complex and built in heat generating system (when grain drying complex modernized or reconstructed);
• high operating characteristics;
• short payback period;
• low energy consumption;
• conformity with effective environment and sanitary standards;
• conformity with the current safety standards;
• high level of automation excludes influence of subjective factor.

Selecting the process diagram and equipment for heat energy generation and its delivery into the grain drying complex on the basis of GTKT Heat generating complexes of GRANTECH trade mark one should take into account the biofuel kind, heat power, required for grain drying complex productivity management, temperature regime of the drying process etc.

ICK Group has developed two types of GTKT Heat generating complexes:

with heat exchanger for grain of high quality (drying agent – pure heated natural air);
without heat exchanger for feed grain (drying agent – mixture of gas and air).

Example of process diagram of GTKT Heat generating complex with heat exchanger

Пример технологической схемы теплогенерирующего комплекса ГТКТ с накрытием

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