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Heating of manufacturing facilities and public buildings, air heating of facilities of an agricultural nature

The ICK Group’s technicians perform the complex of work beginning with fuel preparation and selection of the source of heat supply up to the distribution system and heat carrier.

The projects for heating systems of the shops, storehouses, hangars, garages, greenhouses, winter and flower gardens.

  • are manufactured for buildings of 2 000 sq.m floor area ,
  • volume of facilities – beginning with 6 000 m3,
  • system heating power from 300 up to 6000 kW. 000 кВт .
Air heating of the manufacturing facilities can be carried out by means of the following methods. 
1. Heating of manufacturing facilities with the circulation of air through the air ducts 
Principle of operation. This method is based on use of the supply-exhaust plants which are installed on the roof or near the wall of the building. The air from these plants is distributed through the air ducts.
Application. It is preferred to use this method in such cases when there is the necessity to use the air heating systems side by side with conditioning and ventilation of the premises. This principle of heating is used, mainly, at the trade centers and some manufacturing facilities. It makes it possible not only to maintain the temperature regime but the air quality. This heating system being equipped with the additional devices (humidifier, electronic filters, antibacterial lamps) can maintain even the required microclimate in the premises.
2. Heating of the manufacturing facilities by means of the local air heaters 
Principle of operation.  This method is based on use of the individual air heaters working on the principle of heat gun. Air heaters are located along the premise perimeter and are switched on according to the sensor signal, if the temperature goes down up to the certain value.
Application. This method is used in the cases when it is necessary only to maintain the optimum temperature in the industrial premise during the cold period of time, for example, at the storehouse etc.
3. Heating of the industrial facilities with use of heating radiators 
Principle of operation. This method is based on use of the heating radiators situated locally in the premises. Number and location of the radiators depends on heat consumption needs.
Application.  For heating of the standard premises (height up to 4 m), where the requirements to ventilation and air quality are not important.

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