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Solid-fuelled pyrolysis boiler

GTKP Pyrolysis boilers of heating power from 15 up to 50 kW are developed by ICK Group for heating of industrial and habitable premises with of area up to 500 m2 with chip solid biofuel produced from the local raw material.

Owing to its unique design the boiler has high efficiency (up to 90%). In means that burning less quantity of fuel one can get more heat energy.  The special feature of these boilers is that they can burn the wood residues and other fuel of high moisture content up to 40%.


  • Fuel feed: manual, automatic (when burning the pellets).
  • Boiler type: pyrolysis.
  • Heat exchanger: steel.
  • Control: electronic.
Heating power, kW * 15-25 25-30 40-50
Efficiency at fuel moisture content up to 90
Periodicity of loading depending on fuel characteristics, h 6-12
Heated area, m² (ceiling height 2,6 m) up to 250 up to 300 up to 500
Water temperature, С°- at inlet/outlet 40°/ 60-75°
Working pressure, MPa 0,12-0,15
Water quantity (no more), l 60 75 90
Volume of loading chamber, dm³ 130 345 400
Overall sizes (BxLxH), mm 900x700x1200 1200x700x1300 1300x700x1500

* Heating capacity of the boiler will be reduced when burning:  brown coal – by 10-15%; wet firewood (moisture content up to 60%) – by 60-70%.



  • Complete fuel burning, higher efficiency.
  • Fuel saving owing to pyrolysis process.
  • Quick capital investment recovery (up to 1 year).
  • Minimum electric power consumption.
  • GTKP Pyrolysis boiler can burn the mixed fuel with various particle size and moisture content (burning of fine particles at the quantity about 30% is allowed).
  • Burning of large (even not chopped) firewood. Large loading chamber with big door makes possible using the logs of length up to 45 cm, that insures the duration of fuel combustion.
  • Regulated fuel burning process up to 12 hours with one load.
  • Simple adjustment to the heating system.
  • Electronic controller with indication of operation mode.
  • Possibility of expansion by means of the accumulator tank with the built-in boiler of hot water, in this case the boiler can operate as water-heating boiler.
  • Possibility to use ash on the fields as a fertilizer.


  • Tray for ash removal.
  • Brush for cleaning.
  • Poker.                                                                                                                                                                                      


  • Grate for other fuel kinds, for example, fine shavings, wood dust, coal fines, coke, wood chips, briquettes and forest wood residuals.
  • Screw for ash removal.
  • Accumulator tank.


Main fuel – wastes of woodworking industry: logs up to 0,45 m long, wood lumps, wood briquettes, bark, sawdust, chips etc.

Alternativa fuel – brown coal, milled peat, wastes from the agricultural products, pellets, briquettes from various raw materials.