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The complete lines and separate process equipment used for production of the pelletized mixed feed: pellet mills, coolers, crumblers etc.

ICK Group manufactures a range of the equipment including the plants and separate equipment for production of the pelletized mixed feed under trade mark GRANTECH. 

Pellet mills for mixed feed production

Pellet mills ТМ GRANTECH series K are designed for pelletizing mixed feed used for fattening poultry, pigs, live-stock, breeding fur-bearing animals, fish etc. The preliminary prepared components of mixed feed, premixes and the bran (wastes of flour mills) are used as raw material.

Counter current pellet coolers

GTO Counter current coolers  ТМ GRANTECH are designed for cooling pellets coming from the pellet mill.


Pellet crumbler

GTI Pellet crumblers ТМ GRANTECH are designed for pellet crumbling into particles of the specified size (grit).

Pellet screening machine

GTP Screening machines ТМ GRANTECH are designed for screening the grit into the specified fractions after the pellet crumbler and for separation of fines from the qualitative pellets.

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