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Complete lines for mixed feed production

The company ICK Group manufactures the pelletizing equipment under trade mark Grantech, designs and puts into operation the lines and plants for mixed feed production as well as the separate process equipment for biomass (raw material) pelletizing. Depending on requirements and technology, we can select the equipment for various customers, who are specialized in cattle and pigs fattening, poultry feeding, fish farming etc. The main purpose for manufacture of such equipment lies in reaching the long duration of its operation and ensuring the qualitative characteristics of the pelletized mixed feed.

The technicians of our company will ensure the individual approach to each customer and will help to develop the technology taking into consideration the specifics of the customer enterprise and to select the equipment based on the technical task and the customer wishes.

Mixed feed plants

Supplying the mixed feed plants on the turn key base we apply only the up-to-date technological solutions and in the critical working elements of the equipment we use the special corrosion-resistant materials ensuring in such way not only the production of the mixed feed of the high quality but increase of the such equipment operation duration considerably as well.

Lines for mixed feed pelletizing

As a rule the mixed feed pelletizing lines (plants) consist of the following sections: grain intake, its accumulation, milling, dosing, mixing, pelletizing, pellets cooling, screening and packing or bulk storage. Store house for final product is included as well.

All elements of the line are operating as a common mechanism providing the line regular operation. It is secured by the complete complex of the automatic control systems for the line and the separate mechanisms. Ease of operation and informativeness of such systems make it possible to control all the processes, monitor the operation regimes, loads, stoppages and starts from the same working place. These systems allow to log the data and to store them in archive where one can find all information concerning the equipment operation and personnel work for the certain time.

The mixed feed lines productivity is from 1,0 up to 45 t/h. It means that you can buy in the Ukraine the line for the mixed feed production which will meet all the functional requirements and European quality standard. Besides that you can get the qualitative after-sale services and possibility to consult with our technicians who will share their experience.

Pellet mills







Screening machines



Packing into “big-bags”



Separate process equipment

Apart from the mixed feed plants our manufacturer proposes to buy the separate process equipment as well: bunker-accumulators, mixers, pellet mills, pellets coolers, crumblers, transporting systems (mechanical and pneumatic), packaging apparatus. This equipment has a wide productivity range. It allows to combine the line with the minimum number of the equipment and maintain the load parameter coefficient at the level from 0,75 up to 0,85.  The equipment has multilevel protection system both mechanical and electrical. It meets all requirements on labor safety and insures the safe operation of mechanisms and personnel work.

Mixed feed plant equipment Grantech

One should note additionally that our company manufacturing the equipment under trade mark Grantech is a leader in the field of pelletizing at the Ukrainian market. The company goes with its roots in the field of the materials technological pressing by means of pelletizing on the scientific base and it has the own analytical laboratory and the possibility of the experimental pelletizing.

So the company ICK Group develops the technological process taking into account the customer’s mixed feed formulation. It makes it possible to find the optimum solution and to solve the process tasks connected with the nonstandard formulations.

Any equipment proposed by our manufacturer can constitute the out-of-date model in any complex line, to compete it and insure the uninterrupted production. Besides that, the assortment of our products allows to propose to the buyers the equipment of various productivity, cooling surface and maximum efficiency coefficient.

All equipment under trade mark Grantech is certified and meets the Quality Standard requirements. The supplies of the equipment into the countries of the Eastern Europe, our neighbours and the domestic market show that the demand for it rises. It means that we are intending to develop further and to make all our best for our company developing.

At production of equipment TM GRANTECH  the special corrosion-resistant materials are used  that, in its turn, insures the equipment long operation duration and keeping the qualitative parameters of the pelletized product.

In order to receive the detailed information contact, please, with our managers calling up +38 (044) 451 02 31/32 or filling up the Questionnaire and our managers will contact with you in the nearest future.