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Pellets sieving machine into fractions  GTP  ТМ GRANTECH

Pellets sieving machine into fractions is designed for middling classification into specified fractions after pellets crumbler and for fine particles separation from the qualitative pellets as well.

The principle of the sieving machine operation consists in classification of the initial mixture of the pellets into fractions by means of its consecutive screening through three reciprocate moving sieves and separation of light admixtures and dust from large-dimension fraction by means of its passing through up-going air flow in outtake channel. This principle of operation allows of achievement the high throughput capacity and ensures the good classification efficiency.


Model GTP-1 GTP-10
Screen area, m2 0,21

2х1,5 (2 fractions)

4х1,5 (4 fractions)

Air consumption for aspiration, m3/h 160 900
Drive power, kW 0,08 2х0,37
Overall dimensions (BxLxH), mm 390х
Weight, kg 42 1450

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