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The company ICK Group manufactures the wide range of the spare parts under trade mark GRANTECH for the pellet mills with the ring die, that makes it possible to find the die, roller shell and other spare parts with the required parameters for the effective production of the pelletized mixed feed, wood fuel, fertilizers. By means of the pellet mills one can pelletize soya oil cake, sun flower and rice husk, corn stalks and ears and other residues of the agro-industrial complex, woodworking industry etc.

While manufacturing the dies ICK Group uses the up-to-date foreign technologies. Exactly because of this reason the life time of the dies is several times higher than of the dies of other manufacturers.

ICK Group proposes for the customers only the qualitative and safe spare parts with the higher service life.

ICK Group makes repair and restoration of the operability of the dies and pressing rollers for pellet mills, crumbler rolls.


Faceplates, scrapers, labyrinths, dies, knives for pellet cutting, rollers and roller shells – this is far from the whole assortment of the spare parts to the pellet mills. Without these spare parts it would be simply impossible to ensure the stable and uninterrupted operation of the pellet mills under the marks GT, OGM-1,5, OGM-0,8, DG-1, B6-DGV, Sprout-Matador, CPM, Van Aarsen, STOLZ, Bühler, Münch, PG, Progress etc.

To pressing rollers of pellet mills

You can buy with delivery or under the order the following spare parts: labyrinth and labyrinth covers, levers, eccentric shaft.


Spare parts to rotary valves  

Send us, please, your inquiry and our technicians will develop the project of the plant or the complete line for pellets production for your individual needs. You may contact with our managers calling up as follows:  +38 (044) 451 02 31/32 or filling up the Questionnaire and our managers will contact with you in the nearest future.