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Restoration of dies and rollers of pellet mill

ICK Group makes repair and restoration of operability of the dies and pressing rollers of the pellet mills, crumbler rollers.

Main operation on die repair (OGM pellet mill):

  • polishing across outer diameter;
  • polishing across inner diameter;
  • cleaning of the holes and other parts of the die of the pelletized material;
  • holes countersinking;
  • other operations.

Main operations on roller or roller shell repair (OGM pellet mill):

  • roller disassembling;
  • outer roller shell polishing;
  • rifling or perforation;
  • roller assembly;
  • roller conservation;
  • other operations.

In order to correct the price for dies and pressing rollers restoration connect, please, with our managers per telephone numbers +38 (044) 451 0231/32 or send us your request with indication of your contact number at e-mail: grantech@ick.ua and our manager will contact with you in the nearest time.