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The roller role in the pellet mill lies in pressing under high pressure the raw material, when it appears between the rotating die and rollers, through the radial holes of the die in order to form the pellets. The produced pellets quality and wear resistance of the die and roller itself depend exactly on the correct selection of these elements design.

Manufacturing the rollers and roller shell ICK Group uses the rings made of the stainless steel from Germany. The rollers are supplied ready for operation. The roller shell can be manufactured in three variants for the pellet mill with the ring die:  GT, OGM-1,5 and ОGM-0,8, DG-1, B6-DGV, Sprout-Matador, CPM, Van Aarsen, Stolz, Bühler, Münch, PG, Progress etc.

Roller shell:

  1. Rifled;
  2. Perforated;
  3. Combined.
Rollers complete