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ICK Group designs and puts into operation the plants and equipment for production of the pelletized biofuel already for many years.

Biofuel pellets are safe and environment friendly fuel kind, which is an alternative to wood and coal. And now, when the natural gas prices are rising from year to year, the biofuel pellets   are used as an alternative fuel and its popularity goes up steadily. For production of really qualitative biofuel pellets one needs not only the raw material (wood residues, energy willow, grain straw, sun flower husks, buckwheat husks, corn stems,  switchgrass, peat and other energy biomass), but good fettled, working as an watch mechanism, pelletizing equipment.

The turn key plants for pellets production can include the raw material store house, section for its grinding and drying, pelletizing section (pellet mill, cooler, screening machine), section for final product packaging, store house for pellets.

Organization of the biofuel pellets production can be divided conventionally into following stages: preproject stage, project stage, list of equipment, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction work, mounting work, equipment adjustment and putting into operation work.

For the owners of other kind of production, having the wastes from the main production, we propose GTL-304D mini-complex for production of the solid pelletized biofuel. You can start to produce the solid biofuel pellets from the wastes, such as wood chips, sawdust, husks (pea, millet, buckwheat), corn stems and ears, grain straw or other wastes of plant origin. We recommend to use them and gain the additional income or to save the heating costs. The production scope depends on wastes quantity which you dispose.

Монтаж пелетного заводу. Росія.

Supervision and putting into operation the pelletizing plants

ICK Group, as a manufacturer of the main process equipment for pelletizing, renders the services concerning designing of the plants for biofuel and mixed feed pellets production, as well as the separate production sections (raw material preparation and drying, pelletizing, packaging etc.).

Send us, please, your inquiry and our technicians will develop the project of the plant or the complete line for pellets production for your individual needs. You may contact with our managers calling up as follows:  +38 (044) 451 02 31/32 or filling up the Questionnaire and our managers will contact with you in the nearest future.