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Plants and complete lines pellet production

Organization of the pelletized biofuel production can be divided into the following stages: preproject work, projecting, kitting, equipment manufacture and its supply, construction work, erection and adjustment work. More details:;

Raw material for pelletizing: wood residues, energy willow, grain straw, sunflower husk, buckwheat husk, maize stalks, lignin and other energy biomass.
Productivity: from 0,5 up to 12 t/h.
The plants (complete lines) for pellets production include:

мини линия по производству пеллет

1 – raw material storage:

а – agricultural biomass wastes;

б – wood residues;


2 – chopping section:

а – agricultural biomass wastes;

б – wood residues;




Straw shoppers


Wood crushers


Hammer mills



“Moving bed” mechanized warehouse


3 – section for drying wet raw material;

Drying complex



4 – section for pelletizing, cooling, sieving;
5 – section for accounting and packing of final product;


Package into Big Bags




6 – storehouse of final product;
7 – storage of final product in bulk.

Depending on raw material and its moisture content, the pelletizing technologies can differ. More information on pelletizing technologies of wood residues, peat, straw, husk.

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