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Modernized pressing unit to pellet mills B6-DGV, DG-1, E8-PGA.

For mixed fodder and dry sugar beet pulp pelletizing the majority of factories use equipment of B6-DGV, DG-1, E8-PGA type.

Carried out by specialists of ICK Group analysis of the standard pressing unit construction, the service life of the die (diameter 406 mm) and rollers (diameter 180 mm) showed the possibility of their improvement.

Specialists not only restore your equipment to its original working conditions, but also make significant improvements that will enhance the effectiveness of its work.

Main directions of modernization:

– removal of stress concentrators determined by the design of the die (diameter 406 mm);

– improvement of the die attachment to the faceplate;

– constancy achieving of the die cross section along the entire length of the annular surface;

– increase of pellet mill productivity at the expense of increase in die diameter  and shells of pressing rollers.

Examples of modernization:

Substitution of die attachment to faceplate. Replacing of sectors and wedges for attaching of the die in the serial version of the pellet mill by solid bandage rolled rings, which greatly strengthen the construction of the unit.

Increase the duration of the rolls and dies work. The die is ​​fixed into banding rings and secured by bolts, whereby the pressing force acts directly not only on these parts, but also partially transmitted to the faceplate, making more favorable conditions for die operation.

Increase of productivity by 20-25%. Substitution of serial die with an inner diameter d = 406 mm and rollers with D = 180 mm x d = 500 mm and rollers with D = 220 mm, which greatly improves conditions of pressing.

The design of the modernized pressing unit is successfully used on more than 40 enterprises in Ukraine and Russia.