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The design of the pressing unit and lubrication system to the GT-500D, -520D, -630D pellet mills is updated.

Essential changes which have positively affected the reliable and safe operation of the pellet mills are performed.

Modernization results:

Simplicity in operation – due to change of the roller design.

Increase in service life of the rollers and the pressing unit. Modernization of GT-500D roller: the design of the roller shell is changed, the labyrinth packing is added, the bearings of higher load-carrying capacity are installed, diameter of the eccentric roller shaft is increased, that made it possible to increase the service life of the roller more than in 2 times.

Reliability and safety, decrease in operating costs. In models of GT-500D, GT-520D, GT-630D pellet mills the design of the rotor and its case is changed, the racks of the front plate fastening are strengthened, the design of the front plate is changed.

Possibility of placing of the strengthened units in GT-500D, GT-520D, GT-630D: changes of the design of the central shaft, the front plate, fastening is strengthened.

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