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The life time of the wearing spare parts (face plates, rollers, dies) and the necessity in their frequent change is the important operating characteristic for the pelletizing equipment (pellets mills). On this reason the quickness of die mounting and dismounting and reaching the required pellet mill productivity is important for manufacturers.


Our task is to make easy and accelerated performance of the enterprise! Taking into account the needs of our customers the designers of ICK Group developed the device “Ring heating element”, which is used for the face plate heating before its putting on the die. This makes it possible to accelerate the process of the die change on the pellet mill, to reduce the idle time of the equipment, to increase the face plate life time.

The ring heating element is the metal heat-insulated ring in which the heating elements are mounted. Quick mounting and dismounting thanks to brackets. Any quantity of the ring heating elements with insulation, incorporated thermocouples and other design and technical special features according to the technical task of the customer is possible.

When you wish to make your job easier, order, please, the device “Ring heating element”.  For this purpose you have to fill out the Form of Feedback and sent it to us. The model of the pellet mill or the main die sizes (inner diameter, working width, total width) should be given in the Form. Our specialists will provide you with the necessary information and Quotation in the nearest time.


You can get more detailed information about device “Ring heating element” calling to sales department at e-mail: grantech@ick.ua.