ICK Group delivers an oil meal pelletizing Line to Kharkiv Oblast

To meet the customer’s needs, an oil meal pelletizing line on the basis of  GT-630D pellet mill with a capacity of 14 t / h was manufactured and delivered.

The pelletizing line ТМ Grantech based on GT-630D pellet mill was manufactured for the new oil factory of one of the farms in the Kharkov Oblast.

Within the framework of this project, the selection of the main and auxiliary equipment was carried out taking into account all the needs of the customer, the complete pelletizing line with a capacity of 14 t / h for oil meal was manufactured and delivered to the customer.

ICK Group experts provided recommendations on the technology for oil meal pelletizing.

This solution allowed the customer:

– get a highly liquid product;

– reduce the storage space of products;

– increase the shelf life of the oil meal;

– reduce storage and transportation costs.

At this stage, the line is located at the customer who carries out the installation work, in the near future it is planned to carry out commissioning by specialists of the ICK Group service department.