We are thankful to our customers for trust to us which we value very much because it is the real and true confirmation of safety and responsibility from ICK Group and proof of high professionalism of the company’s staff who perform the complete complex of work while realizing the projects at all their stages!

Part of them you can find at our page of comments:


Private Joint Stock Company «Kiev-Atlantik Ukraine»

Private Joint Stock Company «Kiev-Atlantik Ukraine» in the person of director Yaroshenko Vladimir Vladimirovich is expressing thanks to the personnel of ICK Group for the many years services and timely supply of the spare parts to the installed complete lines for the mixed feed pelletizing.
ICK Group has established the reputation as a reliable supplier performing the spare parts shipment in full scope and just in time, the supplied products are of the high quality.
Many thanks for the cooperation and quick reaction to the ordered number of the products.
We are ready to work on the joint projects in future.

With best regards
Yaroshenko V.V.
“Kiev-Atlantik Ukraine”


Interregional magazine «Agrarnye Izvestiia»

The Letter of gratitude is presented to ICK Group for its professional approach to the work with mass media and fruitful cooperation in 2013.

With best regards
Chief Editor
«Agrarnye Izvestiia»


OOO «Izolfa Ukraina»

OOO «Izolfa Ukraina» in the person of Director Kirilchuk Alexandr Evgenievich thanks the collective of ICK Group for long-time and fruitful cooperation.
In 2010 two pelletizing lines GTL-520 and GTL-630 for pellet production from wood have been put into operation.
Equipment TM GRANTEC H operates in good order and perfect round-the-clock, that confirms rightness of our choice.
In the same year we have increased the production possibilities of our enterprise due to putting into operation of the third pelletizing line GTL-630D.
We would like to mention particularly the perfect adjusted service and organization of technical support. The technical specialists of ICK Group react operative to the arising problems with the lines operation> provide the consultations and supply in due time the spare parts (dies and rollers).
We wish the success in production, economic and financial wellbeing, strengthening of our relations for welfare of our enterprises.

With best regards


«Floarea Soarelui» Societate pe Actiuni

Distinguished personnel of GRANTECH company! Dear Igor Anatolievich!On behalf of employees of AO «Floarea Soarelui» we would like to thank you for two-year cooperation and your assistance in purchasing your produces, namely – GT-500 pellet mills for husks pelletizing, quality of which is at a high level.
We express our gratitude for timely supply of the spare parts (dies and rollers) of high quality to the pellet mills as well.
We wish you further success in business and wellbeing.

With best regards
General Director
Executive Production Manager



Company KYIV-ATLANTIK UKRAINE Ltd. would like to thank you for equipment which has been purchased for mixed feed production in Mironovka in 2008. We had no problems at operation of GT-630 pellet mill and pellets crumbler for one year.
KYIV-ATLANTIK UKRAINE Ltd. Management hopes for further cooperation with you.

Klochko S.V.
Managing Director
Production Manager


OOO «SF«Agroukrptakha»

Att.: Tsaplienko I.A.
General Director

OOO «SF«Agroukrptakha» is operating GT-420 pellet mills (2 pcs.) since December 2007. Since that time we have processed 27 000 t mixed feed. During the guarantee period the change of oil station at pellet mill No.2 was required.
There was no technical problem at operation of pellet mills.
We consider that the fixing of the pressing unit is the bottle-neck of the pellet mill (mounting is labour-consuming and tightening of securing is required each shift). We have managed the steam supply directly into mixer in order to improve preparation of mixed feed for pelletizing.

General Director


OAO «Pinskiy Center of Grain Production»


Dear Yuriy Alexandrovich,
on behalf of the workers of OAO «Pinskiy Center of Grain Production» we would like to thank the staff of ICK Group («I.C.K.ENGINEERING», Ltd., «I.C.K.VYROBNYTSTVO», Ltd.) and you personally for supply of the high-quality equipment TM GRANTECH for mixed feed pelletizing.
Due to the coordinated work of the ICK Group’s specialists the supervision, training of the personnel and putting into operation of two pelletizing lines were performed with success.
In 2011 during putting into operation of the second pelletizing line your specialists have modernized the automatic control system for pelletizing line which was installed and put into operation in 2010, it resulted in human factor minimizing at its operation.
During all period of equipment operation it showed itself as safe and qualitative one, it allowed us to reduce the energy consumption, increase the production and improve the manufactured produces quality.
The service rendering and supply of high-quality wearing spare parts (dies and rollers) enabled us to fulfill our productions plans without failures.
We wish sincerely to your company well-being and further success in realization of new projects.

With best regards


ОАО «Istra-Khleboproduct»

The company “I.C.K.Vyrobnytstvo”, Ltd. (former “JV Grantech” Ltd.) has supplied two pelletizing lines GTL-520 to our enterprise ОАО «Istra-Khleboproduct» in 2008.
The specialists of the company “I.C.K.Vyrobnytstvo”, Ltd. have made supervision and putting into operation work timely and qualitatively, they have trained the personnel to the safe equipment operation.
We would like to note that during all period of equipment operation it showed itself as safe and qualitative one, it operates correct and without complaints. It enabled us to reduce maintenance costs, increase the production and sales volumes and expand the sales markets.
During our cooperation the company “I.C.K.Vyrobnytstvo”, Ltd. established a reputation as a safe partner meeting all requirements of a customer.
Our cooperation was not limited only by the equipment supply, it continued in rendering services for equipment maintenance, namely, in guidelines for improvement of pelletizing lines operation and supply of the wearing spare parts (dies ad rollers).
In this connection we express our gratitude for high quality of the supplied equipment and timely service.

General Director


Republican production and trade unitary enterprise «BELARUSTORG»

Herewith the State enterprise «BELARUSTORG» is expressing its profound gratitude and appreciation to the company «I.C.K.ENGINEERING», Ltd. for professionalism and accuracy in obligations fulfilment. During all time of our cooperation your company has shown itself as a professional and honest partner.
Good service, spare parts supply, flexible price policy are making the TM GRANTECH equipment attractive and competitive at realization of very various projects.
We frankly wish to your company wellbeing and further success in realization of new projects and hope for further mutual beneficial cooperation.

With best regards
Deputy Director



Publishing House «Agrarian News» is expressing its appreciation and gratitude for the fruitful cooperation with «I.C.K.ENGINEERING» Ltd. in 2011.
Thanks to the effective management, professionalism of the personnel and interaction with the faithful partners your company is coming forward with confidence and is getting over all the troubles and time challenges with success.
We wish the sustained growth and wellbeing!

Chief Editor
Publishing House «Agrarian News»
Head of Representation in Kurgan


PAT «Pereiaslavskiy EKKhP»

OAO «Pereiaslavskiy Experimental Center of Grain Production» («Pereiaslavskiy EKKhP») is expressing its gratitude and appreciation to ICK Group (I.C.K.ENGINEERING, Ltd., I.C.K.Vyrobnytstvo, Ltd.) for supply of pelletizing plants GTL-520 TM GRANTECH (2 pcs.) for mixed feed pelletizing and necessary spare parts (dies, rollers etc.).
Trouble-free and perfect operation of the equipment of our enterprise is very important for our company and this was confirmed by the operation of the first supplied to us GTL-520 plant which has been put into operation in 2007. That is why in 2010, when the productivity of our enterprise should be increased, the supply of the second analogous plant was realized. Supervision and putting into operation of this equipment were made quickly and to a good quality.
The companies of ICK Group have proved that they can render the services at the high level and the manufactured equipment TM GRANTECH meets the requirements of the European quality standards.
We are looking forward for further long cooperation.

Chief Engineer



DP «EXPO LINE» expresses heartfelt thanks to the company «SP «I.C.K.ENGINEERING» Ltd. for cooperation in equipping of the exhibition stand during the «LisDerevMash 2013» exhibition.
We are proud that we cooperate with the company SP «I.C.K.ENGINEERING» Ltd. and hope that our business relations will be always mutually advantageous, strong and stable.

With best regards and wishes of success