Plant for sun flower oil cake pelletizing of the productivity 12 t/h, Svatovo, Ukraine

For about 10 years ICK Group is dealing with the after-sale service of the pelletizing section of enterprise “SVATOVSKOE MASLO”.  In the result of the fruitful cooperation ICK Group has supplied ТМ Grantech  equipment for sun flower oil cake pelletizing of the productivity up to 240 t/day in September 2016. This equipment made it possible to solve the following problems at the customer:

– to increase the oil cake packed density;
– to reduce the handling and storage costs;
– to reduce the dust quantity at handling and storage;
– to increase the storage time.
The technicians of ICK Group have developed the layout project taking into account the customer’s production features, the main and additional equipment have been manufactured, the supervision, adjustment and putting of equipment into operation have been carried out.
The plant for oil cake pelletizing was equipped with the high quality equipment with automatic control system which controls all steps of the pelletizing process and the set parameters of the produced material.
ICK Group has commissioned the plant for sun flower oil cake pelletizing successfully and the pelletizing technology has been implemented at the customer’s enterprise.