Master-class for the technicians of APO “Avrora”

At the invitation of managers of OAO “APO” Avrora” the group of the laboratory staff of ICK Group has carried out the analytical study of the technological processes at Borinsky and Khmelinetsky sugar factories at the time period 23-30 September 2016.

This study was carried out in the form of training on optimization of the technological processes taking into account the quality of the raw material to be processed: beginning with complex analysis of the sugar beet and lime stone quality as to its conformance with the requirements of the sugar industry in the factory laboratory up to the direct determination of technological processes parameters at the factory. Undetermined sugar losses were determined and the guide lines for production performance improvement were given.

Both sugar factories are working with the increase of their productivity.
Improvement of the technicians’ skill at the factories is urgent issue at the present time.

Analytical master-class organized by ICK Group has got the positive evaluation from the customer, who hopes for the further collaboration during the repair period at the sugar factories.