Manufacture of custom-made GTL-304D Mini-complexes

The raised demand on pellets, and accordingly on the equipment for their production, is observed recently.  As the plants of large productivity demand the considerable capital investments, the best variant to begin the business are the pelleting lines of small productivity from 500 up to 800 kg/h.

GTL-304D Mini-complexes represent a particular interest for the small and average enterprises which have own waste of processing (wood or agricultural: grain straw, sunflower husks etc.).

By means of GTL-304D Mini-complexes it is possible to use and process the vegetative wastes into valuable fuel pellets which are used in boilers of housing and communal services and as alternative fuel for drying of grain, wood, etc.

ICK Group manufactures GTL-304D Mini-complexes of a standard configuration and individually according to the customer requirements as well.

We suggest you to be acquainted with various configurations of GTL-304D Mini-complexes on the example of last developments.

GTL-304D Mini-complex of the standart configuration on platform. Demonstration operation at the exhibition See video.

GTL-304D Mini-complex without platform. Supply from 2010. Ukraine.