Organization of production of TM GRANTECH solid-fuel boilers

>Today Ukraine has the natural gas! And to-morrow – we shall see… The probable instability in gas supply and the price policy make many agrarians and industrialists to revise their position to implementation of technologies dealing with the substitution of gas by other solid-fuel energy sources. Moreover, for many manufacturers costs of gas make up to 10-30% of the products prime cost.

Taking into account the demand of the Ukrainian manufacturers in reduction of gas usage for process needs and heating the specialists of ICK Group have developed the pyrolysis solid-fuel boilers (GTKP boiler) of heating capacity 10-50 kW. The production of such boiler under trade mark Grantech is set up.
The solid-fuel boiler of heating capacity 21 kW was put into operation at one of the machine-building factories in Kiev region in October 2014. It ensures the heating of 240 sq.m production area. The next 2 boilers are planned to be installed and put into operation in the near future that will ensure heating of 100% production area. According to the economic estimation putting into operation of these boilers will allow the reduction of costs for heat carrier by more than 2 times.
The mounting of all systems and putting into operation of TM Grantech pyrolysis solid-fuel boiler were made by the specialists of ICK Group. The lump wastes are used as a fuel for this boiler of GTKP type. The use of pellets, wood chips, grain straw, corn stalks is allowed.
Besides that GTKP boilers can be used for private houses heating. At the present time TM Grantech solid-fuel boiler of 20 kW heating capacity has been already used for private house heating in Kiev region.
You can get more detailed information concerning TM GRANTECH boilers at our stand at the exhibition “Independent Heat and Power Engineering 2014”.