Improvement of performance of the sugar factory OOO “Zoria Podoliia” (Gaysin sugar factory, Vinnitsa Region)

The training consultations for the engineering staff and the operators of the main sections of the sugar factory OOO “Zoria Podoliia” were given in the time period from 26th till 28th July 2016 in Gaysin.

The annual analysis of the sugar beet quality in consideration its compliance with the requirements of the technological process at Production company “Zoria Podoliia” was made and the recommendations on its storage and processing were given.

The consultations weremade by Litvinovskaia L.A., Trefilova E.I., Olefirenko D.N. and Konenko A.I. (lecturer at Sumy State University, Head of the department for aerohydrodynamics) at the requst of the sugar factory. The very actual subject concerning the effective operation of the pumps was discussed at the seminar. Master-class on checking the repair quality of some types of equipment was carried out, which was a point of intense interest.

The ways of sugar quality improvement up to the European level, analysis of the sugar beet technological quality of the current harvesting are the topics for the further cooperation with the sugar factories of production company “Zoria Podoliia”.