Improvement of sugar factories performance of the company Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A. (Lvov and Ternopol regions)

The management of the company “Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A.” organized the seminars for their specialists in Ukraine with invitation of the ICK Group’s specialists in the period from 4th till 8th July 2016.

Litvinovskaia Liudmila Alexandrovna (Head of the technological department of ICK Group) shared the experience on interpretation of the known and unknown sugar losses with the aim of their decrease and improvement of the sugar factories performance efficiency with the specialists of sugar factories OOO “Radekhivskiy Tsukor” – Pavlov subdivision, OOO “Radekhivskiy Tsukor “ – Chertkov subdivision, company Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A.

The seminar on the improvement of the sugar factories specialists’ skill was held. The efficiency of the sugar factory performance, which is determined with main index – maximum coefficient of sugar extraction from the sugar beet as a final product- was considered in details. To decrease to minimum the sugar losses at all sections of the sugar factory beginning with sugar beet reception up to the final products is the general object of the sugar factories under the market conditions. Only the well organized system of the process accounting, quantity of the received and processed raw material, intermediate products, finished product, wastes with sugar losses therein, sugar beet losses can produce the real information on the process.

Unknown sugar losses are not determined at the majority of the sugar factories up to present time. They are calculated on the basis of the data for the process control with great error. So, the factory management gets the data on the unknown sugar losses once per week, when sugar has been already lost, and rather roughly. The sources of such losses, with only a few exceptions, remain unknown.

The Methodological Guidelines on sugar losses control and accounting at sugar beet processing practically at all sugar factory sections have been yet developed by VNIISP in 1979. These guidelines were directed at increase of the sugar factory staff responsibility for getting the maximum sugar yield and minimum sugar losses. However the owners of the sugar factories are not well informed about all ways for the sugar losses decrease and many of them do not know that these losses can be determined with the use of such guidelines. The degree of distortion of the reported process control data at some sugar factories is very high. On this reason the subject of these seminars is very urgent at the present time.

The specialists of both sugar factories expressed their wish to train practically the laboratory staff to the special analysis with the aim to improve the process control efficiency. The program of such training is being developed at the present time.