Expertize for the specialists of the sugar factory «Ukrainian Sugar Company Ltd.” at their initiative have been provided by the leading specialists of ICK Group at the time period 16-20 August 2016.

The sugar factory «Ukrainian Sugar Company Ltd.” is one of the factories where the considerable investment are made by the global Holding ED&F Man. After long time of standing this factory restores its former capacity, modernizing its equipment, process diagram fundamentally and revives its sugar beet growing areas introducing the elements of novelty.

The sugar factory «Ukrainian Sugar Company Ltd.” is the only sugar factory in Ukraine which is processing the sugar beet requiring the irrigation as well. The staff of the factory is young and is keen to improve the knowledge and the practical skill.
The program of studies was prepared taking into account the factory’s specialists wishes.

The listeners were interested in the issues concerning the improvement of the sugar beet technological quality and processing the sugar beet of the various quality.

The issues of selection of the optimum conditions at each stage of the juice purification and the possible mistakes at the analytical measurements were considered in the presentation made by T.N.Boyko. She combined expertly the experience in the scientific, analytical and practical work, gained during her direct participation in modernization of the juice purification section at many sugar factories.

Before the purchase of the lime stone the analysis of its four samples from various suppliers as to its correspondence to the standards for the sugar industry have been made in the laboratory of ICK Group. The best supplier has been selected.
Very timely are the issues of the fuel and energy saving and the possibility to decrease the unknown losses and improvement of the sugar factory performance.

The work of the ICK Group’s specialists was highly evaluated by the sugar factory «Ukrainian Sugar Company Ltd.” and the parties have expressed the hope for the further cooperation.