An ordr was accepted for work from one of the woodworking enterprises in Zhytomir region

пеллетыAt the machine building factory of ICK Group the equipment is made for the woodworking enterprise which is located in Zhytomir region. The complex production line is designed on the base of the GTSK 06/4 drying complex and GT-304D pellet mill, productivity 600 kg/h.

ICK Group specialists held negotiations with a site visit to install the complex pellet plant for processing wood waste with a capacity of 600 kg / h. The experts determined the optimal equipment, developed a layout solution with reference to the building and selection of the main and auxiliary equipment.

The production line will include the following automation capabilities:

– the ability to run the line in setup mode and automatic mode;

– automation of the pelletizing line process with minimization of production personnel;

– the ability to set operating parameters through the monitor and receive information on the operation of the line.

This solution will allow the customer:

– to obtain high-quality pellets from woodworking waste (standard EN + A1);

– dispose of waste;

– to get a closed production cycle.

At this stage, the equipment for thepelletizing line is at the production stage, after which the line will be delivered to the customer, where installation supervision and commissioning will be carried out.