The GTL-304D production line is fully equipped and ready for shipment!

The GTL-304D mini-complex is designed for the production of fuel pellets from sawdust, grain straw, sunflower husk, corn stalks and cobs and other biomass of plant origin. GTL-304D

GTL-304D production line consists of:

  • Hammer mill;
  • GTBSh-1,3 Bunker;
  • GT-304D Pellet mill;
  • GT.TR-3204 Redler;
  • GTO 7*8 Cooler;
  • GTP-1 Sieving machine ГТП-1;
  • GTSU 304 Control system;
  • Automatic control system for pelletizing line;
  • TsOL 1,5 Cyclone;
  • ShZKh-6 Rotary valve;
  • VTsP 5-45-3,15 Dust exhaust fan;
  • Water supply system.

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