Commissionig the GTL-304D pelletizing line in the Dnepropetrovsk region

commissioning GTL-304DICK Group’s specialists carried out commissioning GTL-304D pelletizing line at one of our customers

The ICK Group’s specialists carried out commissioning the equipment and training of the customer’s personnel. While commissionig a number of checks were performed to guarantee the given productivity:

  • adjustment of the water supply system;
  • adjustment of the lubrication system;
  • adjustment of the working units of the equioment according to their technical specifications;
  • checking the reliability of the electric motors and electrical cabinet cinnections.

After making sure that the equipment was installed and adjusted properly, ICK Group’s specialists put into operation the pelletizing line at idle in “Settings” and “Operation” modes. Then the raw material (sunflower husk) was supplied into the pelletizing line and its operation in manual and automatic modes was tested. In the automatic mode the pelletizing line was brought up to the design productivity.

The ICK Group’s specialists also provided their recommentations on the further operaton of the pelletizing line.

During training of the maintenance personnel on the equipment operation it was considered its start-up, shutdown, transfer to automatic mode, reaching the rated productivity, as well as personnel actions in emergency situations.