Servicing of the SPROUT-MATADOR pelletizing line

Сервисное обслуживание

The specialists of ICK Group carried out the service work for the SPROUT-MATADOR pellet mill used for production of the mixed feed in Lviv region. After diagnosing the equipment and determining the list of the works that need to be performed in order to continue the further operation of the pellet mill, as well as to improve is productivity, the specialists of the ICK Group service department provided their recommendations for the preparation of the work on the restoration of the equipment. Together with the employees of the enterprise, the worn parts of the equipment, that need to be replaced, and the place of restoration were inspected, and the complete set and dimensions of the new parts were checked.

As a result of the diagnostics, ICK Group specialists carried out the repair work on the Sprout-Matador pellet mill, namely: disassembly, replacement of the worn-out spare parts, assembly of the pellet mill, its start-up and reaching the technical passport performance data. In the future, it is planned to carry out the restoration work on the shredder and check the operation of the line under load in order to bring the line as a whole to maximum productivity.

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