Participation of ICK Group in conference for oil-and-fat industry, Kiev, Ukraine

ICK Group took part in the X International scientific-practical conference “OIL-AND-FAT INDUSTRY: TECHNOLOGIES AND MARKET” on the 30-31 May 2017, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine.  The experts from science, production and business in the oil-and-fat industry were invited for the conference for the effective interaction.

The representatives of the engineering companies and developers of new technologies, higher technical personnel at the oil-and-fat enterprises, manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment for the food and oil-and-fat industries, etc. participated in the conference with their lectures. The conference was conducted dynamically and saturated its participants (around 200 people) with the up-to-date professional information.

Golubnichy Roman Viktorovich , commercial director of ICK Group ,  spoke at the conference. In his speech he emphasized, that  ICK Group is dealing with supply TM GRANTECH of the equipment for pelletizing the intermediate products  and wastes of the oil-and-fat industry, using the pelletizing technology before extraction with the aim to improve extraction efficiency; technology for oil meal pelletizing with the aim to obtain highly marketable product; technology for sun flower husks pelletizing with addition of the organic trash for wastes utilization and obtaining highly marketable product.

The enterprises of the oil-and-fat industry , where our technologies were implemented (OAO “Melitopol oil-extraction plant (GTL-520, raw material – sun flower oil cake; GTL-630-D, raw material – sun flower oil meal; GTL-630D, raw material – sun flower husks; CHAO “ADM Ilichevsk (GTL-800D, raw material – sun flower husks), were represented at the conference.

The participants in the conference could receive the answers to all questions of their interest, to exchange their experience and own developments, to establish new contacts and agree about cooperation.