Participation of ICK Group in specialized conference

14th International exhibition «Lisderevmash 2015» – annual epicenter of the woodworking industry where the machine tools and equipment are exhibited, the presentations of new technologies are organized etc.- was held on 22-25 September 2015.

The exhibition made it possible, both for the participants and visitors, to receive the professional information. The program of events, consisting of the branch-wise conferences, was planned for all days.

The specialized conference “Biofuel – real alternative to traditional energy sources” was held on the 24th September. This event involved a number of the urgent problems associated with the conversion to the solid biofuel.

The representatives of the state organizations who are realizing the existing programs on energy efficiency and saving in Ukraine took part in the conference. The representative of AT “Oschadbank” explained how to receive the credit for the materials and technologies which contribute to natural gas saving or its complete refuse. The manufacturers of the boilers, namely the companies Enerstena (Lithuania), Polytechnik (Austria), SIA RMP (Latvia) made speeches.

The speaker from ICK Group – general director Tsaplienko Igor Anatolievich- reported that ICK Group is a sole company in Ukraine which implements the complex projects on turn key basis beginning with preproject inspection and required project works, selection of equipment, manufacture of the main equipment and its further supply, supervision during its installation, adjustment and putting into operation.

The technological solutions helping to use the wastes of woodworking industry and agrarian and industrial sector in effective way and to convert the housing and communal services to the alternative energy sources were presented as well.

The participants of the conference could obtain the answers to all questions interesting for them, exchange the experience and own developments, establish new contacts and negotiate on cooperation.