Ukraine, Nikolaev, GTL-520 plant of the productivity 2,5 t/h for lucerne pelletizing was put into operation in June 2016.

The specialists of ICK Group have developed the project, starting from the point zero, and put into operation the production of pellets from lucerne on the turn-key basis at the south of Ukraine. In the course of the project fulfillment the possibility of its implementation at the customer’s enterprise was evaluated, namely: the basic engineering including the technology development, equipment selection and the recommendations have been carried out. Taking into account the results of the basic engineering the customer has bought the required agricultural machinery, prepared the storages for the raw material, built the production shops and organized the raw material supply and sales of the pellets, mainly, at the foreign market.

In the course of the project fulfillment the specialists of ICK Group have applied the new technological solution, they have developed and manufactured the following equipment: bales feeding tables, straw chopper, lucerne chopper. The equipment manufactured at the own machine-building factory of ICK Group (both the new developed and approved modern one) – bunker, pellet mill, cooler, automatic control system- are used in the configuration of this pelletizing plant.

The specialists of ICK Group have carried out the supervision work, putting the equipment of GTL-520 pelletizing plant into operation and have organized the consultations for the operators.

At the present time the GTL-520 pelletizing plant operates with the full project productivity and ensures the pelletizing the dried lucerne with the moisture content up to 15%, which is fed in the form of the rectangular bales of the density 90-110 kg/m3 with their further chopping up to the particles size 3-4 mm and final pellets production of the size 8 mm and density 650-700 kg/m3. The pellets produced are cooled and sieved and then are directed into the storehouse for floor storage.

The pelletized feed from lucerne produced at the GTL-520 pelletizing plant is healthy thanks to the large amount of proteins, it contains the natural organic substances and has the nice-looking appearance and tasty odor.