Starting the mixed feed plant in the Poltava region

ТМ GrantechICK Group commissioned the plant for the production of the complete pelletized mixed feed.

ICK Group delivered the mixed feed production line based on Grantech TM equipment with a capacity from 0.7 – 2 t / h. The productivity varies depending on the formulation of the mixed feed and the diameter of the resulting pellets. Specialists of the ICK Group service department completed the installation and commissioning work, trained the staff in the effective operation of the pelletizing equipment used.

The project was implemented at one of the agricultural enterprises of the Poltava region. This solution allowed the customer to obtain the high-quality pelletized complete mixed feed, which will ensure the feeding of animals of its own farm (cattle and fisheries), as well as enable the enterprise to receive the additional profits when selling excess pelletized mixed feed.