Commissioning a sunflower husk pelletizing line in the Rivne region

ICK Group commissioned a pelletizing line for processing sunflower husk with a capacity of up to 1.5 t /h on the finished product.

GT-500 GTO

ICK Group has delivered the Grantech TM pelletizing line based on the GT-500D pellet mill.

ICK Group specialists completed installation and commissioning work, trained the personnel to work effectively on the line as well.

This project was carried out during the construction of a new oil-pressing plant at one of the enterprises of the agricultural corporation of the Rovno region. Within the framework of this project, a complete pelletizing line for sunflower husk was produced and put into operation with a capacity of up to 1.5 t / h.

This solution allowed the customer to obtain a highly marketable product (biofuel) and at the same time to:

– utilize the waste of oil production;

– reduce the space for product storage;

– reduce the cost of storage and transportation.