Pelletizing line for sunflower meal has been put into operation in Kharkov Regiob

ICK Group has commissioned a sunflower meal pelletizing line with a capacity of 12 tons per hour on the finished product.

The ICK Group has delivered and commissioned the TM Grantech complete pelletizing line on the basis of the GT-630D pellet mill including the personnel training.

This project was carried out at one of the developing enterprises of the Kharkov region with a full cycle for the oilseeds processing. In the frame of the production modernization the pelletizing line for sunflower meal with an estimated capacity of 12 t / h has been put into operation.

A prerequisite for modernization was the desire of the  company management to obtain the final product which allows:

– to increase the bulk density, thereby reducing the cost of transportation of the meal;

– reduce the volume of storage of the finished products;

– increase the storage time of the meal.

In the process of developing the modernization plan, it was decided to drastically change the shape of the finished product from middlings to pellets with an increase in capacity.