Putting into operation the equipment for sunflower meal and husks pelletizing in the Nikolaev region

Пресс-грануляторыThe specialists of the ICK Group’s service department commissioned three pelletizing lines: two lines – for sunflower meal pelletizing (productivity – 28 t / h) and one line – for of sunflower husks pelletizing (productivity – up to 3.5 t / h) with the possibility of increasing the productivity up to 5 t / h. The lines are designed on the basis of the GT-630D pellet mill.

Commissioning took place in the Nikolaev region at one of our customers, who is actively developing the oil and fat industry in Ukraine.

To control the lines, the necessary equipment was installed, which allows automating the production processes. Also, ICK Group specialists performed professional adjusting of this equipment, which allows the client to use the following functions:

– the possibility to run the lines in setup and automatic modes;

– the automatization of the pelletizinge processes with the minimization of production personnel;

– the possibility to set the operating parameters through the monitor and receive information on the operation of the lines.


This solution will allow the customer to:

– increase the bulk density, thereby reducing the cost of the sunflower meal and husk transporting;

– reduce the storage space of the finished products;

– increase the storage time of the meal;

– use the waste (sunflower husk);

– receive the additional profit from the sale of pelletized products products.

At this stage, the service specialists carry out all the necessary work to ensure the full functionality and maximum performance of the pelletizing lines.