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For more than twenty-year of its activity ICK Group has gained the considerable practical experience in repair and modernization of the equipment.

We are ready to solve any problem at the present time!

If you put the following questions:

  1. How to reach the regular performance of the enterprise, how to increase the pellet mill productivity?
  2. What to do if the pellet mill is disabled and there is no money to buy the new one?
  3. How to reduce the operating costs and the number of the equipment current repairs?

Than you can address to us!

We shall propose specially for your pellet mill the new modernized pressing unit and undertake organization the whole complex of work beginning with dismounting, evaluation of the working units state, modernization, mounting and putting into operation.

Moreover, we shall render the service and further technical support.

Advantages of the modernized pressing unit:

— substitution of the pressing unit elements for the strengthened ones;

— increase of the elements life time of more than 2,5 times thanks to their special design;

— ensuring the maximum productivity of the pellet mill;

— decrease and uniform distribution of the loads on the main shaft during operation;

— decrease of the further operating costs;

— decrease of the current repairs number.

We guarantee that the modernized by us equipment will decrease your costs per unit of output to a great extent and extend the production possibilities of your enterprise.